Support UTSAV: Your Generosity Makes a Difference


At UTSAV, we are dedicated to building a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant community for South Asians in Washington State. Our work is driven by the commitment to equity, cultural celebration, and community empowerment. However, we cannot achieve our goals without the support of generous donors like you. Your contributions help us provide essential services, organize cultural events, and empower individuals and families to thrive.

Why Donate to UTSAV

Promote Cultural Heritage

Your donations help us organize events and programs that celebrate and preserve South Asian culture.

Empower Communities

Support our initiatives that provide education, health services, and advocacy for underrepresented communities.

Make a Lasting Impact

Your contribution directly impacts the lives of seniors, women, youth, and children by funding vital programs.

Our Key Initiatives

Cultural Events

Holi Milan, India Independence Day, Diwali, Eid-Milan, and more.

Educational Programs

Scholarship programs, youth involvement initiatives, and outreach education.

Health and Wellness

Yoga sessions, health workshops, and senior support programs.

Advocacy and Support

Programs for women, community outreach, and political education.

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