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Featured Programs and Initiatives

Holi Milan

Embracing the spirit of togetherness during the festival of colors.

India Independence Day

Commemorating the rich history and spirit of independence.

traditional diwali background with image or text space
Diwali and BandiChor Divas

Illuminating the darkness with the light of knowledge and freedom.

Scholarship Program

Empowering the next generation through education and opportunity.

Youth Involvement

Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow through active engagement.

Women Programs

Empowering and uplifting women in our community.

People with healthy lifestyles illustration
Health and Wellness Program

Cultivating holistic well-being, including the practice of Yoga.

Characters of senior people holding healthcare icons illustration
Senior Support Programs

Honoring the wisdom and experience of our elders.

Illustration of people with justice and order icons
Outreach Program

lawmaking process for a brighter future.

Ramadan kareem greeting card for muslim holiday background
Eid-Milan & Ramadan

Embracing diversity and fostering unity during the holy month.

Community Partners