Utsav Seniors (Sunahre Sath)

Our mission at Utsav Seniors is to empower older adults to live active, healthy lives and improve all aspects of health. We promote good nutrition, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles while providing crisis/supportive intervention and supporting financial stability through education and community resources.


The vision of Utsav Seniors is to encourage senior citizens of all backgrounds to lead active and healthy lives in dignity, respect, and full enjoyment of their rights and independence. Our goal is to create an environment where seniors engage in dialogue, share ideas, and become notable members of society.

Short-Term Goal and Long-Term Vision

Our short-term goal is to collaborate with an existing Senior Center, with a long-term vision to build an Indian Senior Center where seniors of all backgrounds can enjoy daily routines and group visits to areas of interest.

Alignment with Mission and Vision

By aligning our actions with this mission and vision, we will work towards creating lasting positive change for our seniors, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives, achieve their goals, and make significant contributions to their communities.