UTSAV Women (Sakhi Sarathi)


Mission: With the spirit of RISE (Rising, Inspiring, Supporting, and Empowering), UTSAV Women is determined to make a lasting impact by promoting equity and empowering women of color. Through a supportive network and inclusive resources, we strive to amplify their voices, celebrate their diversity, and foster personal and professional growth for a more equal and vibrant community.


Our vision is to create a world where women of all backgrounds and experiences rise together, inspiring each other to reach new heights. Together, we aim to build a diverse and inclusive community that fosters growth, unleashes untapped potential, and propels women towards greater achievements and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives. Through transformative initiatives like the Women Annual RISE Conference, we provide a platform for women to gather, connect, and collaborate on their journey towards personal and professional success.

Alignment with Mission and Vision

By aligning our actions with this mission and vision, we will work towards creating lasting positive change for South Asian Women, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives, achieve their goals, and make significant contributions to their communities.